It’s All Welland Good.

It's all Welland Good.

The City of Welland could only hope for a PR campaign as successful as this one. It has proved to be wildly successful at bringing Wellanders together to celebrate all that is good with our city and has opened up conversation in a positive manner to things we can do to make it better. Because there is always room to make things better.

There is no better topic to write about to kick off Good News in Welland than It’s All Welland Good.

On October 10, an event held at Riverstone Event Centre was touted to be “a magnificent Welland reunion.” And magnificent it was. The Pineapple Ballroom was chock full of Wellanders from all walks of life. Students, local politicians, business owners, media, regular folk. The evening began with a musical number by Notre Dame students that had the entire crowd on its feet.

For the next two hours, prominent community leaders and ordinary citizens alike described what they are doing to make Welland a better place. We learned of the Hope Centre’s planned expansion to King St., a new hospice centre had plans to open on Prince Charles Dr., the services offered at the Welland Museum and Welland Heritage and Multicultural Centre, the contributions Niagara College provides, services to underprivileged children from Bullett Proof Baseball Academy, among many others.

It’s possible most attendees knew the event was going to be great, but what was a bit unexpected was the sheer amount of support the campaign had after all was said and done. It has left a lingering need to do more.

A year ago, Jay Kalryzian created a t-shirt that said “It’s all Welland good.” It snowballed into what exists today. Now, he intends to use the successful Welland reunion to kick off a much needed conversation about what we can all do together as a community, as neighbours, and the answer to this is the It’s all Welland Good workshop. RSVP today and join the conversation.

It’s all Welland Good workshop

Niagara Sport & Social

469 Rice Road, Welland

November 12, 7 p.m.



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