A True Display of Welland Spirit

The Welland Food Drive is an annual event that takes place the first Saturday of November each year. The importance of this event is clear. Hundreds of volunteers cover every single street in Welland, collecting food donations that are left on the doorsteps across the city. It is then brought to Club Richelieu to be sorted by even more volunteers.


The three food banks of Welland (Hope Centre, Open Arms Mission and Salvation Army) depend on this food drive to take them through winter and even into the spring and summer months.

Open Arms CEO Jerry Vanderklok told the Welland Tribune,

This is going to be our sustaining food for the entire winter and will take us through to spring. This is the basis that keeps us going. For the past two months we’ve just been counting the days to the food drive.


It’s difficult to say the amount of donations, volunteer manpower and generosity of sponsors each year is shocking, because that would mean it’s not expected. Welland has proved time and time again that when push comes to shove, we stand by one another. Each year the Welland Food Drive proves just that.


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