Full House at Welland’s Save Our Hospital Meeting

The possibility of our hospital closing is not good news. But the gathering of Welland’s residents, and their concern and passion for the good of our city and its residents is.

It was standing room only at last night’s Save Our Hospital meeting in the Welland Civic Square’s Community Room where over 100 people packed the room to discuss the fate of the Welland hospital.


Natalie Mehra Executive Director of Ontario Health Coalition, Sue Hotte, co-chair of Niagara Health Coalition and Fiona McMurran headed the conversation that lasted almost two hours.

A call is being put out to join 10,000 people from across Ontario that are heading to Queen’s Park on November 21 to rally against the proposed closure. Fort Erie and Port Colborne recently lost their emergency departments, but were also slated to close completely. After a rally of 4000 people, those hospitals were left open.

How can you help?

From Welland Tribune:

Hotte said the local coalition is organizing buses to bring south Niagara residents to Queen’s Park for the rally, and she asked people to call her at 905-932-1646 if they’re interested in taking advantage of the free ride to the rally, or being part of a committee they’re planning to set up and run a very visible and vocal campaign that could include yard signs and billboards.


Full story, more info:

Welland Tribune article by Allen Benner: http://www.wellandtribune.ca/2014/11/07/get-involved-or-say-goodbye-to-your-hospital

Allen Benner’s column: http://www.wellandtribune.ca/2014/11/07/benner-get-involved-or-say-goodbye-to-your-hospital


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