Cordage Green

Something really exciting is developing on the east end near Southworth St. and MacCabe Ave., and that is the Cordage Green development.

Cordage Green will be Welland’s newest sustainable neighbourhood.

What makes this different than other townhouse developments is all in the details. This will be a 44 unit, two storey townhouse project, aiming to be the first below-market-cost multi-residential Passive House project in Canada. Each townhome will be solar-powered and efficiently built with natural building materials in a way that utilizes the sun to its maximum potential – saving homeowners up to 90% off the typical heating bill. Emphasis is on helping low-income households and even minimum wage earners obtain home-ownership with just 1% down.

Beyond all that, there will be a natural playground. Natural playgrounds use items found in nature – typically rocks, tree stumps, brush, branches, logs and water – instead of the typical plastic and metal structures and bringing kids back to nature to play.


Photo: Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds

The next information session is this Sunday, November 30. Register ASAP to attend.



  1. Thanks so much for the mention. It is an exciting project and great to see the excitement in the community. We will have some bungalows, including a few that are wheel chair accessible.
    It is a mixed income development.The mortgage assistance you mention is limited. The homes are sold at market value and any surplus (profit) we have goes to provide deferred 2nd mortgages to reduce 1st mortgage requirements.


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