Join the conversation about Welland’s exciting new project!

Get WISE to Welland
Welland Innovation Studio & Events

Calling all!
small business owners,
who are interested in creating a community workspace / event space in downtown Welland.

We have the critical mass, the manpower, the investors and an abundance of inexpensive real estate available to create a space that will serve our community for years to come. If revitalizing the downtown core, engaging with local artists and business people and creating a business and life you love is important to you, join us for an open conversation.

Welland Community Wellness Complex,
145 Lincoln Street
Lincoln Street, Welland
Thursday, February 19 @ 7:00pm

As it stands today, we’re looking at creating a shared space that would house three studios and event space:

A Photography Studio: More than a career, photography is a passion!  A shared space, available for rent by the hour, day or by the month, complete with lighting and equipment.  Become part of the photography network and share techniques, collaborate on projects and create events.

A Coworking Space: A shared space that would allow freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners to break free of their home offices, work together or on their own separate projects, and forge important business partnerships and friendships. A meeting room and dedicated office spaces can be made available for this venture. Open to all sorts of organizations in the community that want to be more connected.

An Artist Studio: This large space would give artists a place to work on their projects, either collaboratively or individually. Along with work space, we will be holding workshops and classes.  Create a life around what you love and share it!

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