Welland’s newest cafe-style community hub… coming soon!

Things are happening in Downtown Welland!

Join David Clow (www.davidclow.ca) on March 7 for the grand opening of Welland’s newest community hub. This is a space that will give Wellanders a place to gather, get work done and enjoy one another’s company. A host of free business services will mean you don’t have to dig deep into the pocketbook.

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/321319028079404/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular

Welcome to Downtown, David!


If you need free use of super-fast high-speed internet, then you can come into our free downtown-core cafe-style studio and surf the web. If you do not have enough for a coffee, then do not worry; it is not that kind of place. You can have some for free, while you do your work and admire the art on the walls. And this will not be your regular cafe. From the murals on the walls to the make-your-own fresh smoothie bar, this place is for the community, not for profit. If you need to print out resumes or other documents, if you need to send a fax somewhere, even long distance, or if you need to scan or copy documents, then you will be able to do so for free.

But that is not all… this ‘ Community Hub’ is going to be available office space, as well. We have two large multi-use offices designed for co-working spaces – one will be more hands on with visual arts and the like while the other room will be more technologically focused, to keep the paint and such out of the electronic equipment used in the other space for computer image generating, gaming design, and more. We have multiple Apple computers, macbook air laptops, and LED screens, all available for use, including the executive office space available to woo that big client.

A large shared kitchen and two bathrooms will be available for all to use. The large centre space will be a multifunction space designed as an art studio, but with the functionality to facilitate many diverse events. This space will be an art studio, showcasing local artists, but it will also act as a videography and photography studio available for use to all. Really, the possibilities are endless. And, this space will sustain itself.



  1. Can’t say this will improve business in Wellands down town core . I believe it will only take away from the business’s already here struggling . If this is the city’s genius way to bring this city back to life .They seriously need to get a grip and think before the act . There stupid ideas have cost this city millions of dollars already .


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