A cold walk for the hungry, hurting and homeless



Open Arms Mission will host its second annual Coldest Night of the Year walk at the end of the month.

The walk held across Canada is hosted by and to benefit a local community-based charity.

“Coldest Night of the Year is a wonderful walk that is nationwide and it is to address the hungry, the hurting and the homeless across Canada,” said Jeff Aitken, pastor and mission centre manager.

The walk will feature two-, five- and 10-kilometre-long courses. Aitken said the best part of the walk — on top of raising much needed money — is that people walk alongside the clients of Open Arms Mission.

“It’s also a place where they can actually rub elbows, understand their needs, understand what it’s like,” Aitken said. “It helps people to instead of having sympathy to now have a sense of empathy.

“It goes from a ‘me’ and ‘them’ to a ‘we.’”

The walk takes place Saturday, Feb. 20, and will start and finish at Welland Community Wellness Complex on Lincoln Street. Registration starts at 4 p.m., there will be an opening ceremony at 5 p.m. and the walk will begin at 5:15 p.m.

Aitken said people can register online, at Open Arms Mission or on the day of the event.

“Last year’s numbers just shocked me and this year I think we’re going to have that again,” he said of a high turnout.

For more information and to register, visit http://www.coldestnightoftheyear.org/location/welland.


Source: Welland Tribune


Hope Centre undergoes major renovations at new site thanks to CTFS employees


On September 24, 2015 the entire Canadian Tire Financial Services management team put a little extra elbow grease into their workday. They spent the day volunteering their time and skills to renovate and transform the new home of The Hope Centre.

About 120 managers, APVs and VPs donated 720 hours to create garden beds; assemble a gazebo, shed, picnic tables and benches; lay new stones and sod outdoors, as well as carpeting indoors; paint indoors and outdoors, and fix parking curbs. The team also donated and sorted food, and helped set up the shelving for the new food bank space. Lastly, 20 new bicycles were assembled for children who attend the centre.

Full article and many more photos at myWelland here: http://www.mywelland.com/articles/ctfs-leaders-invest-day-hope-centre

An unexpected gift

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New to You Thrift Shop staff accept a cheque from Marilyn Dye (centre)

The New to You thrift shop is known for its warm, caring atmosphere where customers can expect to receive a good deal on gently used items, or just a sympathetic ear when life has thrown them a curve ball. In fact, after 40 years at the same modest location at 53 Southworth St., its principal sponsors, the Niagara-area Brethren in Christ churches, still consider the shop to be more of a community outreach ministry than a money-making venture.

This week started out as business-as-usual at New to You. In a pattern repeated each and every day, donors drop off their surplus “stuff” and our staff, mainly volunteers, sort through it before placing it for sale on the shop floor. Suddenly, with a gasp, there was a significant turn of events that would result in several lives being touched in an unforgettable way.

It began when our assistant manager, Tish Caldwell, processed a recent donation which included a number of boxes of outdated software. Do you remember floppy discs? Clearly, the software was unsaleable, but as a good environmental steward, she emptied the contents in order to recycle the cardboard boxes. She was surprised to find one of them stuffed with cash – $10’s, $20’s, $50’s, and $100’s! With her heart racing, she immediately took the box to Margaret Manwaring, her manager, where a double-count confirmed contents of a whopping $4,970!

Obviously, the donor was unaware of the box’s contents, and the only honorable and ethical course of action would be to return it. But who was this mysterious lady and how could we track her down? No one recognized her and no paperwork changes hands when donations are made. As minds raced, Tish scoured through the rest of the lady’s donations looking for a clue. All she could find was a 4 year old bulletin from the Welland Brethren in Christ church. At this point, we remembered our recently-installed security cameras (believe it or not, thieves also target charities). Finally, we had a tangible lead to work with – a grainy image of the unsuspecting donor.

This is where events took a heartwarming turn and the mystery was solved in less than 24 hours. Since we only had a few poor-quality pictures and a local church bulletin, we emailed the Welland BIC church secretary, Marilyn Dye, with the hope she might recognize the donor. We received a quick response from the office and heard that Marilyn would not be in for a few days. Her husband, Frank, had recently passed away after a lengthy illness, and she was taking some time off. However, this setback was short-lived. Minutes later, we received an email from the church confirming the lady in the pictures was none other than Marilyn herself!

We immediately contacted Marilyn at home to share the good news and she was speechless. Apparently, the boxes of software were her husband’s and having no use for them, she immediately thought of donating them to the New to You Thrift Shop where she had previously volunteered. She certainly never considered checking their contents and has no idea why he stashed the money.  He must have scrimped and saved for many years to build up this nest egg.  They certainly were not rich by any means.

Within a few hours, Marilyn stopped at the shop to pick up the money. There was not a dry eye in the place when we learned that her husband had no life insurance, and the money was a god-send. She graciously offered a donation to the staff, which they equally graciously declined.

We’ll never know if was divine intervention, or just a series of coincidences, but the outcome of this heartwarming experience was perfect!”

As news of this story spread we contacted Marilyn to get her consent with “going public” and she fully supports it. Furthermore, while a thorough search of her home revealed no more “nest eggs”, she also insisted on making a significant donation to the thrift shop. Clearly, good deeds beget more good deeds!

The New to You Thrift Shop is a registered charity. Like its sister shop in Port Colborne, Port Thrift, 100% of its profits are used to support local and international aid projects.